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We all only get one shot at life, and for the past 25 years I have worked with youth and adults to help them make their shot the best it can be. I have enjoyed working with people from a variety of backgrounds, ages 11 and older and serving adults.

Youth Therapy

Providing individual therapy to youth 11 and older is an important part of my practice.   As we all know our youth struggle with fitting in, social media, and life changes.  Working with youth for the past 25 years allows me to engage them in focusing on areas they need to improve or function differently.  Often they struggle with anxiety and depression  I am trained in TF-CBT (Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and utilize this with youth who have experienced single trauma or complex trauma. 

Family Therapy

Today families are experiencing great deal of stress.  I provide therapy services to families who are struggling with listening to each other, struggling with grief, and other family issues.  Working with the entire family provides an opportunity to for all members of the family to be heard in a neutral setting and develops skills on how to relate to each other in a more effective manner.

Adult Therapy

Regardless if you are married, single, or dating we all often struggle at one time or another with loneliness, sadness and sometimes strong feelings of depression and anxiety.   Taking time to work on ourselves so we may experience contentment, peace, and happiness in our lives can be difficult.  I enjoy working with individuals and helping them utilize their expertise on themselves to create a better version of themself.  Learning about peoples strengths and creating a space for people to use these strengths to overcome barriers in their lives is something I find rewarding.  Life is hard for people at different stages in life.  Providing an opportunity for people to do the work for their own wellbeing is a focus of my practice. 

Anger Management

Sometimes as teens or adults we struggle with managing our anger effectively.  This may be due to multiple reasons, but the impact of this struggle often costs us relationships, jobs, and other important aspects of our lives.  Working together we will develop skills that are effective and customized for you and how you want to present your best self. 


Trauma is a word we hear about more often than ever before.  Whether you have experienced childhood trauma, single trauma or complex trauma, evidence based practices will help you peel back these layers.  Being willing to do the work on these painful memories or existing issues is difficult.  However, the reward will be a person who can thrive despite the traumatic experiences you have endured.

Life Changes

Many of us go through major life changes at different times in our lives.  These changes may at times be overwhelming and create feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and sadness in us.  This is not unusual and can be overcome in the therapeutic process.  It is during these life changes, whether they are positive or negative, that we often learn the most about ourselves and have the greatest opportunity to improve ourselves.

Anxiety, Self-Esteem, & Depression

Often these both go hand in hand.  They are often accompanied by feelings of loneliness and worry.  In our world today, these issues are becoming more prevalent in our lives and our children’s lives.  Working together will allow you to learn about how to push out those negative thoughts and feelings and bring in contentment, peace, and happiness.  If you are willing to do the work making improvements in these areas, anything is possible.

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If you are looking for individual therapy for an adult or youth ages 11 and up who will utilize your strengths to build up areas of need in a supportive environment, please contact me for an appointment. Call for a free 15 minute consultation. 

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Maureen McFadden,  LCSW

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