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Are you currently accepting new clients?

Yes, new clients are being accepted.

If I leave a message, how long will it take for you to respond?

If I leave a message, how long will it take for you to respond?

Please keep in mind that I may be in session when you call, email, or send a message, but someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Normally, all messages are returned within 24 business hours.  

If you are having an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or the Suicide/Mobile Crisis Unit at


How do I sign-up for the client portal

Upon receiving an email invitation to the portal, please follow the instructions in the email. If you have any questions, call


How do I schedule an appointment?

First time client, please call us at 912-349-9645 or send an email, Once we have discussed what you are seeking in therapy, we will schedule an appointment.  You will then receive an email invitation to the client portal.  This portal allows you to securely schedule appointments, send messages, make payments, and complete the Intake Forms (paperwork needed prior to your first appointment). If you would prefer not to use the portal, you can complete the Intake Forms in our office prior to your appointment, but please arrive 20-30 minutes early.

If you are an Existing Client, please schedule an appointment through the portal or call 912-349-9645.

What if I'm not interested in using the client portal?

No problem!  Please call 912-349-9645 or send a secure email to

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